Sheet Piles Combination Wall
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ESC's combination wall series are ideal when the standard series of sheet piles do not have the strength to resist the required design loads. The King Piles (which can either be pipes or H Piles with welded connectors) withstand most of the bending loads (may include vertical loads), with the intermediate infill sheet piles to transfer the soil and water pressures to the King H Piles. The infill sheet piles can be shorter - between 60-100% of the King Pile length.

HRZ Infill Sheet Piles

King Piles - Single Beam

King Piles Single Beam

King Piles - Double Beams

King Piles Double Beams

Combined Wall Properties ESC H-HRZ Combi Wall

Sheet Pile H Pile Combined Wall System


Sheet piles installation
Installation of ESC sheet piles
Sheet piles supply
Sheet piles for marine construction