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When to Use Tie-rod and Strut as Support for Sheet Piles

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Tie-rod and strut systems are used to strengthen sheet pile walls or combination walls of all types. These walls may be of port and harbor structures, river revetments, retaining walls, cutoff walls, slope protection, and cofferdams. These anchorage systems however, though serves a common purpose, behaves differently when in use.

Tie-rod helps to hold sheet piles from being pushed away by lateral forces from the inside such as loads from infill or embankment. They counter pulling forces and serve as tension members. Strut at the other hand, helps to hold sheet pile walls from being pushed-in by forces from the outside. They counter pushing forces and they work as compression members.

Sheet pile walls when designed to retain soils, needs supplementary support at the top in addition to the embedment in the ground. This is where tie-rods are employed. Strutting systems are used when sheet piles are placed to protect sides of excavations from collapsing, to permit safe implementation of construction works. Application of these sheet pile support systems are mainly as follows:

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Aside from sheet pile to sheet pile connection, tie-rods are also openly used as tie-back anchors to provide additional stability to cantilevered retaining walls. With one end of the tieback secured to the wall, the other end is anchored to a stable structure such as a concrete deadman, steel pile deadman, mechanical soil anchor, A-frames, and grout-bonded rock anchors. Tie-rods are mostly permanent materials in sheet pile applications.

Steel strutting systems are mostly used as temporary and seldom as permanent structures to support retaining walls horizontally for site excavations. Strutting systems usually consist of tubes as compression struts and H beams as Waling Channel to distribute the horizontal forces over the struts.

ESC offers a wide range of sizes and steel grades for Tie Rod System Assemblies including High Modulus Connections and Tie Rod Connection Components. These can be seamlessly integrated into an ESC Sheet Pile or Combination Wall or other types of retaining wall. Corrosion Protection options are also available from our product specialties. ESC can offer full design specification conforming to our client’s project requirements.

Furthermore, ESC has experience in designing, supplying, and installing strutting systems in various configurations and project conditions. We can deliver completely customized strutting systems including all necessary prefabricated components.

ESC also offers the following:

  • Design works including full calculations, layout drawings, construction sequence, fabrication drawings

  • Method Statements

  • Modular or adjustable strutting systems

  • Competitive material pricing

  • Competitive deliveries to fit your project needs

  • Prefabricated struts, connections

  • Site supervision

  • Friendly & professional service

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