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ESC Steel is proud to offer a select range of EU series sheet piles which conforms to standard specifications used in the North American market. ESC has been producing EU Series sheet piles globally for over 20 years. The design features interlocks that are located on one flange side of the neutral axis. The web is continuous, thus the section modulus and shear load transfer are optimised. 


The ESC-EU sheet pile features a durable ball and socket interlock. Each EU sheet pile is equivalent to a standard paired Z sheet pile but with half the number of interlocks improving the fluid cut-off performance. The profile design has a very competitive strength to weight ratio. Due to a deep profile, the design features a higher Inertia resulting in reduced deflection. This higher inertia offers the ability to choose higher steel grades for the most economical solution that meets serviceability requirements. The ESC-EU Sheet Piles conform to both BS EN 10249-1 & 10249-2.

EU interlock

  Pipe Bar Interlock   

Made in USA
Sheet pile
Sheet Piles high quality

Some Examples of how using Made in the USA ESC-EU Sheet Piles can lead to significant savings or improvements

Sheet piles profiles
   Other Z profiles   
   ESC EU Series   
  • Better fluid cutoff performance - 1/2 the number of interlocks per unit width of sheet pile wall

  • The only 36, 48 section sheet piles produced in domestically in North America

  • Standard widths, strengths and thicknesses - Equivalent to paired 770mm, 700mm and 580mm width Z sheet piles

  • The cold forming process uses standard raw materials and ESC can offer a flexible production schedule with turnaround times as low as 2 weeks for newly produced sheet piles.

  • Fully compliant with Buy America and Buy American requirements

Sheet pile profile

A selection of ESC Sheet Piles drawings can be found here in both pdf format. Autocad files can be provided by sending a request to the ESC Steel Technical Department at