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Why make your Marine Bollards or Steel Structures Yellow?

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

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Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA) designates Red and Yellow as Safety Color Codes. American National Standards Institute uses Red, Yellow Orange, Blue, Green, Black, and White. Obviously, they are all primary colors. And what are the common denominators? – Red and Yellow.

Red seems to be a logical color that conveys DANGER ALERT. Yellow denotes CAUTION.

Q: But why Yellow?

A: Yellow is the most visible color from a distance. They appear the brightest in the spectrum. The human eye processes yellow first. This explains why it is used for: cautionary signs; exposed, unguarded edges of platforms; pits and walls; handrails and guardrails; pillars, posts or columns that could be struck (like bollards); and many more. Peripheral vision is 2.5 times higher for yellow than for red. Yellow has a high light reflectance value and therefore it acts as a secondary light source.

When light enters the eye and hits the cone cells, the cones get excited and send signals to the brain through the visual cortex. Different wavelengths of light excite different combinations of cones to varying levels, which generates our perception of color. You can see that the red cones are most sensitive to light, and the blue cones are least sensitive. The sensitivity of green and red cones overlaps for most of the visible spectrum.

So, would you be interested in yellow Mooring Bollards? How about yellow-painted Steel Structures? Whether in yellow or any color, ESC provide full fabrication services for structural components such as large built-up beams, bridge trusses, bridge beams, and other steel structural components used in building construction.

Bold or bright-colored marine bollards and steel elements provides extra degree of safety which is necessary for all businesses especially heavily-accessed areas. Black or other dark-hued colors for instance add sleek sophistication to public attractions and similar areas. Wide variety of choices are available from the bold color spectrum.

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