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The Bailey Bridge Legacy Lives On

Bailey bridging solutions are used in variety of applications employing either the original or improved designs. While then regarded as a warfare breakthrough, the Bailey Bridge in the post-war era is a great civil engineering innovation and booster to socioeconomic development. This is because of the structure’s continues deployment in establishing vital connections and delivering supplies especially to remote areas. Bailey bridges are used to extend help to places hit and isolated by natural disasters, war, or terrorism. They are instrumental in bringing-out tribes to civilized communities to access proper education and medical, political, and social rights.

Bailey Bridge Legacy Lives On

ESC-HD-100 Bailey Bridge

Bailey Bridge Project

Among the crafts of ESC in steel bridges is the ESC-HD-100 Bailey Bridge, or the so-called 321-Panel Type Bridge. The bridge panels are composed of welded high-grade structural steel elements. The girders are lightweight composite panels connected by sturdy steel pins. Panels and components of the steel bridge are easy to handle and transport, can be interchanged, and are simple to erect and disassemble. They can also be assembled into different forms of panel bridges according to their span length and transportation requirement.

ESC-HD-100 Bailey Bridge or 321-Panel Type Bridge is suitable for short to medium spans or light to moderate loads.  It can stand to a maximum free span length of 51 meters (167.30 feet), with a deck net width of 4 meters (13.10 feet). Being lightweight, this bridge type is guaranteed for emergency and difficult situations. Different configurations and dimensions of bridge panels can also be custom-built. 

ESC-HD-200 Bailey Bridge

Bailey Bridge Project

ESC-HD-200 model is an upgrade of the Bailey bridge HD100 in terms of load capacity and span length. With panel heights increased to 2.13 meters (7 feet), it can cover maximum free span of 60.96 meters (200 feet) for single lane width and 45.72 meters (150 feet) for double lane width. 

In the assembly of HD200, joints between panels are located alternately against the joints between reinforcement chords to reduce inelastic deformation due to oversized pinholes. Pre-arch or camber is employed to counter deflection of the bridge at the mid-span. All bolted connections are equipped with orienting sleeves to ensure that compression forces are absorbed by

the sleeve and tensions by the bolts. This helps to increase the life span of the bolts and generally the safety of the panel bridge. Composite braces against wind loads are also provided and connected to the transoms or girders to enhance the overall stability of the bridge, especially against side bending. 

The model also identified ZD200 is suitable for load designs such as HS-15, HS-20, HS-25, HL-93, Pedrail-50, and more.

ESC Steel is a supplier and manufacturer of Bailey Bridge. Email us for your requirement

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