Sheet Piles for marine construction
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The Hot Rolled U Sheet Pile was produced over 90 years ago  and millions of tons of it have been used globally. The thicker  rolled flange and interlock design enable multiple reusage making Hot Rolled U Sheet Piles a common choice for temporary works.  Utilising various profile and interlock designs, ESC is able to offer stock and made-to-order Hot Rolled U Sheet Piles available from various countries in the world. With stock available in ESC facilities in China and UAE ESC is able to respond to urgent customer requests in a timely fashion at competitive prices. ​

Section Modulus Range


Width Range (single)


Thickness Range


Production Standards

​BS EN 10249 Part 1 & 2

​Steel Grades​
  • SY295, SY390 & S355GP for Type II to Type VIL

  • S240GP, S275GP,  S355GP & S390 for VL506A to VL606K


88.5ft maximum

Standard Stock Lengths of 19.6ft, 29.5ft, 39ft, 49ft

Delivery Options
  • Single or Pairs

  • Pairs either loose, welded or crimped

  • Lifting Hole

  • By container (38.7ft or less) or Break Bulk

  • Corrosion Protection Coatings

Corner Piles

Box Piles can be fabricated out of individual U sections to boost the Moment Capacity of the wall without changing the pile profile. Corners and junctions can be implemented using either a welded interlock or slicing a profile and welding it to the end profile.

Suitable Applications
ESC Hot Rolled U Sheet Piles - can be used for a multitude of applications and configurations such as:​
  • Revetment works

  • Temporary & Permanent Retaining Wall

  • Flood levees

  • Cutoff wall

  • Quay walls for ports

  • Embankments

  • Breakwaters

  • Cofferdams

  • and more.

Also commonly known as FSP II, FSP III, FSP IV, FSP 2, FSP 3, FSP 4
Type 2 (b)
Type 2
Type 2 (a)
no underthickness
960 tons of Type IVw sheet piles in 18m
Hot Rolled Sheet pile in Philippines, mo
HRU sheet pile